What is Led Writing Board?
LED Writing Board is an attractive and most eye-catching tool to display new topics or specials which will effectively draw the attention of customers.It is widely used in the Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels and many other public places. It is designed to be convenient to use and durable enough to withstand frequent writing and erasing, for example cruise-liner uses it for boarding direction, hotel uses it for functions, a boutique shop publishes its new arrivals etc. All of these required often changes. And, it is the most ideal and effective instrument for restaurants & bars to promote special menus since customers are often tempted to order those written on the board as it keeps on flashing and color changing

It is best to promote new company or commercial items in its name recognition phase in the competitive market without spending huge budget in conventional promotion such as in public media, such as newspaper and TV, to attract target customers in bars, coffee house, grocery as bar sign, coffee shop signs, store and grocery sign as promotional board, or menu, food items, chef?ˉs specialties in restaurants, for sale signs, beer signs in bars, chocolate signs, flower signs in Valentine's Day, Easter eggs signs in Easter, pumpkin signs in Halloweens etc as promotional board and signs for special occasions. 
It can also play a role in exhibitions, as trade show displays and signs, in hotels and convention centers. Also is can be used as portable sign displays, counter-top table display, exhibition stands and any kind of sign/displays.
As this mode of commercial promotion device is relatively new to the existing eyeball catching neon sign, popular since the last century, which is costly to maintain, and lack of the flexibility of change when compared with the Flashing LED Board display to reach its target customers in a more cost effective way to promote business or services to potential customers.
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